(This bylaw will be effective after next board of directors meeting)

The objective of Asian Society of Sport Biomechanics (ASSB) is to provide permanence and stability for periodic meetings of the ASSB conference, and to communicate information about the ASSB conference and any associated satellite meetings, as well as about the scientific priorities in sport biomechanics, to as many people interested in the subject as possible.

There are two groups of members: directors who have a vote in the ASSB affairs, and affiliated members who participate, but have no vote in the ASSB affairs. The total of board of directors shall not exceed 20 (apparent members excluded).
Each chair of the ASSB conference is the ASSB president certainly and an apparent member of board of directors for a nominal ten-year term.
Directors are recommended from each national or regional organization in Asia. The number of directors from one organization shall not exceed 4.
Leaders in the field of sport biomechanics without a national or regional organization are elected to be directors by the board of directors.

Election of Directors
Board of directors are elected by itself. The election is conducted at a board of directors’ regular meeting held during the ASSB conference. Under special circumstances it may be conducted by mail ballot.

Responsibilities of Directors
Directors would no longer just represent an organization or an area or a discipline, but must have the welfare of the whole as the primary interest. Each director should regard the communication of information on the dates, venue, and call of papers of the coming ASSB conference to his/her constituency as his/her duty.

The Term of a Director and the Officers
The board of directors serves from the end of one ASSB conference to the end of the next. The board of directors will vote the next organizer of the ASSB conference, and elect a president and some necessary officers, e.g. secretary-general, treasurer. They are responsible for accomplishing the objectives of board of directors.

The ASSB conference should be held biennial at some Asian countries in turn.
During the ASSB conference, the board of directors’ regular meeting will be held as well. Notice of this meeting shall be transmitted to all directors at least 90 days prior to the meeting. A quorum shall be constituted by 50% of the total number of board of directors. Special meetings may be called by the president, also with 90 days’ advance notice. The purpose of the regular meeting is to elect officers and conduct other necessary business.

Establishment of Asian Society of Sport Biomechanics
Asian Society of Sport Biomechanics was inaugurated on April 22, 2006 in Korea by consultation with various people and organizations in sport biomechanics.

Amendment of Bylaws
Amendments may be made by a two-thirds majority vote of board of directors. This may be done either at the board of directors’ regular meeting or by mail ballot. Proposed amendments must be transmitted to the board of directors 90 days prior to the meeting or the deadline for a mail ballot.