The 8th Asian Society of Sport Biomechanics Conference Press Release

Last update: Nov 1st, 2021

Publisher: Asian Society of Sport Biomechanics

The 8th Asian Society of Sport Biomechanics Conference, organized by the Asian Society of Sport Biomechanics (ASSB), Taiwan Society of Biomechanics in Sports (TSBS), Taiwan Society of Biomechanics (TSB) and National Taiwan Sport University (NTSU), has come to an end a few days age. This conference was ended up more than 250 participants from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Korea, USA, Singapore, Germany, Syrian Arab Republic.

The highlight of this conference is the combination of online publication and onsite session chair. This conference facilitated discussion of sport Biomechanics among participants from all over the world.  Precious research, video, and photos were communicated throughout the conference.

The organizers would like to thank the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Sports Administration, and companies including Trushine Medical Instrument CO., Ltd, Xinglin Co., Ltd, Humanbio Instruments, In, PITOTECT Co.,Ltd., MIDAS TOUCH CO. MEMS TECHNOLOGY CORP., Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee for the sponsorship and members of ASSB, TSBS, TSB for their assistance which led to great success during the covid‐19 pandemic.


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ASSB 2021 Welcome board placed at the entrance of NTSU

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Online conversation between Congress Chair Dr. Wen-Tzu Tang and Dr. Marcus G. Pandy 

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Online discussion between Singapore host Dr. Pui Wah Kong and Thailand speaker Dr. Wat Limroongreungrat


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Online workshop of SIMI company from German

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Online workshop of Trushine Medical Instruments

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On-site honored guest

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Conference group photos


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ASSB 2023 @ Bangkok, Thailand